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Helping an Animal in Need

The Correct Procedure for handling stray/injured animals in Barbados:

  • Call Animal Control (dogs only), they will trap the dog and transfer to a boarding facility or the RSPCA for attention. 

  • Take a photo of the animal and share it amongst the Barbados Lost and Found Pets pages on Facebook in case the animal has an owner that is looking for it.      Found Here

If Animal Control/Inspector Norville are unavailable: Help the animal yourself or ask an organization for help! 

Ocean Acres and Action for Animals have networks of volunteers that can assist.

Tips for how to catch a stray animal:

Please do your best to provide food and water for the animal. Bringing daily provisions at a specific time will help you to earn the animal's trust and eventually help to capture it. Ultimately, we want to ensure the animal isn't suffering. 

When trapping an animal, avoid direct eye contact. Especially when you are first trying to earn the animal's trust. 

Having a blanket/towel to wrap small animals in is advised, a slip lead or rope is effective for bigger dogs, though be careful not to injure the animal or get yourself hurt in the process.

Capturing an animal can be traumatizing for it, so it is important to have a plan first. Call the Sanctuaries/Boarding Facilities and find a placement for the animal. If the Sanctuaries are all full, consider fostering or finding it a foster home. 

While catching, spaying/neutering and releasing animals back to the wild may seem harmless, it is important that we consider the health and safety of our people too. Stray animals may resort to attacking farmers' livestock or domesticated pets for food. They can carry and spread diseases and be a general risk to society.

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