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Adopt a Pet in Barbados

Before you commit to adopting a pet in Barbados, please read through the wonderful guidelines put together by Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary that will better prepare you for what to expect.     Found Here

Guidelines for caring for Animals, put together by The Ark is another great resource to consult before committing to adopting a new pet. For Dogs     Found Here   For Cats     Found Here

Reach out to the Sanctuaries in Barbados to discuss which animals are available and which would best suit your lifestyle.


  • Animals should not be picked for their looks, but for their behaviour and for what suits the living conditions you can provide.

    • Very active dogs suit adopters with active lifestyles. They require space to move around and lots of exercise.​ These animals would not be well suited to a small living space where they will not be walked or played with often.

    • Smaller animals and older animals often appreciate less active lifestyles and are happier to sit at home with you all day and go for walks less often.

    • Puppies adapt very easily and can fit well into families with sturdy children or other pets.

  • Consult the Sanctuaries for which pets they feel will fit your lifestyle best. They are familiar with their animals and make the best match-makers!​

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