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Animal Resources in Barbados

  1. Start by uploading a photo of the animal to the Barbados Lost and Found Pet pages.      Found Here

  2. Next you should call all the Vets and Santuaries/Boarding facilities to see if anyone has called looking for their pet or reported their pet missing.

  3. If you are able to bring the animal to a vet, it is highly recommended. Most strays will need to be treated for ticks, fleas and/or worms.
    ** Appointments can be made through the Sanctuaries to have fees reduced when helping an animal that does not belong to you.

  4. Find a place for the animal to stay.  Call the Sanctuaries and Boarding Kennels, and if they are all at capacity, find a safe foster home for the animals. Preferably somewhere warm with open air and a roof to shelter from rain.
    Or better yet! Adopt the animal yourself! 

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